Q. If I register for the 30 min free trial do I have to buy a subscription?
A. Not at all. The purpose of the 30 min free trial is to let you see how our system runs and how tests are conducted at the real theory test.You do not have to go any further than the Free trial.

Q. Why would I need a 3 month subscription?
A. Sometimes pupils like time to study the full contents of the question bank. After All there is around 800 questions to study, understand and absorb as well as the timed mock tests.

Q. Is everything I need to know to pass the theory test within this website?
A. Yes every possible question and answer that you could possibly be asked at the real theory test is contained within our platform.

Q. If I take a subscription on my mobile do I have to take another subscription for my laptop?
A. Not at all. On subscription we issue you a login name and password which you can use on any device anywhere in the world and at any time too.

Q. Should I take a subscription first before I get a date for my theory test or take a subscription without a date?
A. Very good question. Timing is important and giving yourself enough time to study is crucial especially around the time of the actual test. It takes around 4-8 weeks to absorb all of the content comfortably depending on the level of study and effort you put in. If you are a fast learner then 1 month should be fine but if you need a bit more time and can't commit to regular study intervals then you may need the 3 month subscription. Whichever you feel serves your lifestyle best is the thing to recognise and then take the relevant subscription.

Q. When I pass my Theory test do I automatically get driving lessons from the school?
A. If you would like to continue with us for your EDT driving lessons after passing your theory test then we will immediately link you up with our Ladybird Instructor for your area.

Q. Are the timed mock tests exactly the same as the real thing?
A. Exactly the same.Same time, same layout,same diagrams and same questions.

Q. I saw that Ladybird driving school are doing driving lessons in my area of Kildare. When I pass my theory test, how do I book my driving lessons with them ?
A. Yes our sister company Ladybird Driving School Limited are responsible for your EDT driving lessons in you area after you pass your theory test. You just simply fill out the form we sent you on your initial subscription purchase or call us on the number provided and we will get you booked in for your first EDT lesson.

Q. When I pass my theory test how long is it before I get my learner permit?
A. You will contact your local NDLS centre and book an appointment where you will attend at the NDLS centre with your application and theory certificate. They will then take a photograph.Once that's done you will receive your learner permit around 10-14 days after. You cannot do any lessons until then but we can certainly prebook you.

Q. Are you an Irish company ?
A. Yes we are an Irish owned company with Irish Directors with a registered company address at 128 St Patrick's Crescent, Dun Laoghaire A96V9F3 Our VAT number is 03688977UH